Law of Attraction 

Each human being is a living magnet in that you invariably attract people and the circumstances into your life who harmonize with  your dominant thoughts and emotions. 

Lives are right now today are surrounded by representations of  dominant  thought patterns.
But if we wish to attract different people and different circumstances,we have to change the content
of the conscious mind,because we go through life like a magnet always attracting to ourselves
 the people,events and circumstances,the good and bad fortunes that has harmonized with our dominant thoughts.

The people in your life  life are there because you have attracted  them by the person you are,by the thoughts you hold,by the emotions you experience.

when a person is feeling very positive and good about themselves its remarkable how many good situations,good things they attract to themselves


when a person is feeling very negative  pessimistic and down to himself,it's amazing how many bad 
situations they experience,and how many bad people they meet.

                                        This happens not by chance but by law

so to remind you that you are not what you are but  what you think 

                                        You are