How do beautiful and golden thoughts come from great people
Generally they don't they don't speak every thing greatly.As the people have done things greatly,so the normally sentences appear to be great ones. But how they people are motivated?
They may be three reasons for them been motivated
1. By the deeds of the persons whom they know or took as inspiration.
2. When the people are doing things normally,they might have came across the quotations by the then great people so they have changed the way they have been doing things and so the way they have done things became more good and more effective.
3.This is assumed to be more theoretical than the above two.

 I'll try to explain this which I have seen in my point of view,let a friend or colleague say a good thing to you then you receive it very positively and start following it or doing it. but no great people had said that they had been inspired by the colleagues words so is the third one apt??

question arises............

 think about it
 just give it a thought

 think it in a negative way

 what is the summary of your thinking?

 so why it came positive ?

because there's no wrong thing in it.Have a thought on the advice by the fellow man and try to implement or follow it in your own way because you have your notion on doing the thing,


and this is where the golden path is laid by you 



so which of the above reason is apt???

 so are you going to follow your colleagues good advices?